Welcome reader

Hello everyone.

First of all I want to thank everyone for reading this blog. I've blogged before, I love writing. But this is something new to me. I want to talk about real things. I want this blog to be everything that I would wish to find when searching online; a place to read about things that would reassure me, a place to read about things that other people go through, to open my mind to the struggles as others, and finally a place to just chill out. To read about travel, interior design, beauty, fitness, food. All of that, all in one place. And a place I could discuss all of this with others, like minded people and people with different views to my own. That's what the internet is about, right? Creating, learning and broadening your horizons?

Maybe there are people who won't agree with me. I'm sure there will be. But I also hope there will be people who share my viewpoint and thing we need more of this. There are millions of people online already talking about the same stuff, so why should you read my blog? Well, everybody is different. Everyone sees the world in a different way and as far as I'm concerned the more we share and the more we experience, the more we will grow.

I look forward to writing this, and I look forward to sharing it with you all.


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